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Fort Collins, CO


Hey there. I'm Chris, and I've been a beer geek ever since I've been old enough to legally consume alcohol.

 I've been fortunate to live in this era where there is so much amazing beer. As a lover of traveling, I'm often discovering beer in new places. From coastal Maine to the Columbia Gorge to the Mojave Desert to Stockholm to Iceland to Bavaria, there has always been good beer around me, and it's always been a joy to seek it out.

 I was born and raised in the great state of New Jersey. After a short stint in Boston, I now call Fort Collins, in the wonderful Centennial State of Colorado, my home. Being able to live and grow and travel in areas rife with amazing craft beer has shaped the way I see the world, and now I'm using that knowledge and experience to share my affinity for all things craft beer with Northern Colorado and beyond.


- Chris Lazzery, Head Beer Geek & Owner of CBC FoCo